Send fax for free online using FaxZero

In these days of broadband internet, very few people have a dialup moden installed in their computer. So when it comes to faxing a document, they are left with no choice but to use a fax machine. But now you can send a fax online to any USA or Canada fax number for free. Here is how :

  1. Visit
  2. Fill in the information for sender(you) and the receiver. The asterisked fields are mandatory.

  3. Next, choose a PDF, DOC or DOCX document to be faxed. If you do not have a document in that format, you can manually type the information in the text box. Also, type in the confirmation code which is used to check against automated fax sending.

  4. Click on the button labeled Send free fax now as shown,

When you send a free fax, you are limited to send only a maximum of three pages. The cover page would contain an advertisement of Fax Zero. Here is the type of advertisement that is shown on the cover page :

Sending a fax through FaxZero, not only saves you money you would have spent on buying a Fax Machine or a dialup modem, but also from the money spent on telephone bills when sending faxes. The international faxes sent to countries other than USA and Canada are not free.