Vista Sidebar for Windows XP

Windows Vista and Windows 7 come with a sidebar in which you can install gadgets like clock, weather information etc. But Windows XP lacks this feature. But worry no more, you can install a free third party sidebar in Windows XP. This sidebar works just like the Windows Vista or Windows 7 sidebar. Here is how :

  1. Download sidebarb116.exe (10 MB).
  2. Install the Desktop Sidebar by running sidebar116.exe that you downloaded.
  3. If the Desktop Sidebar does not run automatically, you can choose from Start Menu → Programs → Desktop Sidebar. When run it would look like this :

  4. You can change the settings for the Desktop Sidebar by right clicking on its system tray icon and choosing Options

  5. In the Options window, you can set it to auto-start with Windows under the General tab. Check the box labeled Run this program when Windows starts and click OK button to save the settings.

  6. In the Options window, you can change the Desktop Sidebar skins under the Appearance tab. Choose a skin from the drop down liast as shown and click Apply button to save the settings.

The Desktop Sidebar has dozens of other settings and plugins to choose from. You can even download new skins from its web site. The Desktop Sidebar is a very nice, lightweight and freeware sidebar for Windows XP users.