Watch world wide webcams through EarthCam

Have you ever wondered what is happening in the Times Square, New York right now ? Well, wonder no more. Now you can watch live streaming high definition webcams from all over the world including Times Square, New York. EarthCam has listing for thousands of webcams from all over the world you can watch any time you want. Here is how :

  1. Visit
  2. You can click on the most popular webcams or th editor’s choice webcams. If you want to search for a webcam then, type the name of the place, webcams of which you want to search for, in the search box on the top-right. Click on the Search button.

  3. You would see a list of webcams in your search results. Click on a webcam in the list.

  4. You would see a window and flash video webcam. You can zoom the webcam to fullscreen. The webcam shown for the Times Square, New York has the sound and the video is shown from many angles.

Please note that not all of the web cams offer high definition video. Some of the web cams offer time lapse picures only. But nevertheless, EarthCam is a free webcam service that lets you enjoy the views of cities and places all over the world for free.