Enable and install extensions in Apple Safari

The latest version of Apple Safari is out to compete with all other browsers. It supports installing third party extensions, just like you install add-ons in Mozilla Firefox. Before you can install extensions in Apple Safari, you will have to enable them. Here is how :

Enabling extensions

  1. Run Apple Safari. On the top-right side, you would see a settings gears like icon. Click on it and select Options as shown

  2. In the Preferences window, select the Advanced tab.
  3. Check the checkbox labeled Show Develop menu in menu bar

  4. Close the Preferences window.
  5. Press the Alt key once to show the menu bar in Apple Safari.
  6. From the menu bar, select Develop → Enable Extensions as shown

Installing extensions

  1. Extensions is a new concept in Apple Safari. As such, Apple Safari has no library of extensions compared to other browsers like Mozilla Firefox. There are some sites offering Apple Safari extensions like http://pimpmysafari.com/, http://code.google.com/p/safari-extensions/, http://safariextensions.tumblr.com/. You can visit these sites and download extensions.
  2. When you download extension file, Safari would ask you if you would like to open it or save it. Choose Open

  3. Next Safari would confirm if you want to install that extension, choose Install

  4. Upon successful installation of the extension, you will be informed. You should restart the Apple Safari browser for the extension to work.

Note : The above given sites, which offer Safari extensions, are not maintained by or affiliated to Apple Inc. These sites may not be a trustworthy source of extensions. As such, installing the extensions from these sources is risky. Installing extensions from these sources is entirely your decision. Use them at your own risk.