Instant translation in Firefox using gTranslate

Sometimes while browsing a web site, you may encounter a word or phrase that you do not understand. You can translate that word or phrase using Google translation. The gTranslate add-on for firefox makes it very easy to translate any selected word or phrase in Mozilla Firefox. Here is how :

  1. Visit in your Firefox browser.
  2. Click on the green Add to Firefox button to install the FastestFox add-on

  3. Restart Firefox to complete the installation of the add on.
  4. Once you have installed the gTranslate add-on, you are ready to use it. In Mozilla Firefox, from the menu select Tools → Add-ons.
  5. In the gTranslate add-on click on Options button to open the settings for gTranslate.

  6. Select the language you want to translate the selected words to. In the above picture, I have selected Japanase. Click OK to save the settings.
  7. Hightlight any word or phrase by selecting it using your mouse cursor. Right click on selection and hover your cursor at Translate and you would see the translation.

  8. You can click on the translated words in the right-click menu to open Google translation web page.