Open Websites in Any Installed Web Browser with OpenWith Extension

Some of the websites insist that they work better in Internet Explorer or Chrome, if you try to open them in Mozilla Firefox. For example, the website of my electricity bill payment portal shows a message saying that I should switch to Internet Explorer for better experience. Similarly, most of the Google’s websites (Youtube, Google+, Google Maps etc.) perform better if you open them in Google Chrome. If you have already opened a website in your default Firefox web browser and now you want to open it in another web browser, then you can make use of the OpenWith add-on for Firefox. It lets you reopen any webpage from Firefox into any different installed web browser through a simple context-menu. This can save you many clicks and copy-pastes.

You can install the Open With add-on in Firefox and use to to quickly jump to other installed browsers in your operating system. You can get the Open With add-on for Firefox from the Mozilla extensions website at You can click on the green Add to Firefox button to start the installation.

OpenWith Addon for Firefox

After the installation is complete and Firefox has re-started, you can click the View menu and you would see the “open with” links to all the installed browsers. It automatically detects all the installed web browsers on your system. You can choose one of these options to launch the currently selected tab in a different web browser.

OpenWith Addon for Firefox

But it fails to recognize the installed browsers properly in 64-bit version of Windows. If it does not recognize the installed web browsers, then you can add or modify other browsers manually in the Open With add-on settings. You can access the Open With add-on settings by typing about:openwith in the address bar of Firefox.

In the settings, you can add browser paths of any web browser installed on your system or any portable web browser. For example, I have added the path to portable WaterFox web browser to the Open With menu. You can also choose in which places of Firefox you want to display the Open With menu – View menu, main context menu, context menu for links, tabs, toolbar etc.

Conclusion: The Open With add-on for Firefox makes it easy to switch web pages to different web browsers on your system. It works with all the operating systems like Linux, Mac, Windows etc. – in general, all operating systems on which you can install Firefox.

You can download and install Open With Extension for Firefox from