Resize images in Windows XP

There are many times you want to resize your images in Windows. For example, if the pictures you took with your digital camera are too big, then you may want to resize them. You can resize them with Microsoft’s Image Resizer powertoy in Windows XP. Here is how :

Download the Microsoft Powertoy Wallpaper Changer from

Run the setup and install the Microsoft Image Resizer powertoy. After the installation, you can right click on any image (or many images) in a folder and choose Resize Pictures as shown

This would open the Image Resizer window. You are shown basic common image sizes to choose from. You can click on the Advanced button to open more options. In the Advanced options, you can choose a custom size. You can choose to only make pictures smaller – this way if a picture is smaller than the size chosen, it will stay smaller. You can also choose not to create copies and overwrite the original images (not recommended).

When you click OK to continue, Windows starts resizing the selected images. If you have selected not to create copies, the original images would be overwritten (do not select this option as it will destory original images). otherwise, it will create resized images with suffix (Small) attached to their original file name, in the same folder.