Use Opera Turbo to boost browsing speed

If you have a slower internet connection (around 100 kbps or less) and it takes a lot of time for you to load a web page, then you can use the Opera Turbo feature of the Opera browser. Here is how :

When you turn on the Opera Turbo feature, all your internet traffic is tunnelled thruogh the Opera Turbo servers. The Opera Turbo servers access the internet webpage you wanted to open, compress the webpage and deliver it to you. The Opera Turbo servers compress the images on a webpage to very small size so that download size of the webpage is reduced making it load faster.

You can turn on the Opera Turbo by clicking on the the little speedometer icon on the bottom-left as shown :

The icon will turn green when you turn it on. You can also configure the Opera Turbo to automatically detect the slow connection and turn on the Turbo. To do this, click on the bottom-left speedometer like icon and from the menu, select Configure Opera Turbo.

From the Opera Turbo settings, you can choose automatically turn on the Opera Turbo. Choose Automatic and click OK to save the settings.

Because the Opera Turbo servers compress the images on a webpage to a very small size, their quality is reduced and they may look garbled. Even though all the traffic comes through the Opera Turbo servers, all the secure web pages (in which the address starts with https://) are connected to directly and not through the Opera Turbo servers.