Change skins in the Opera browser

The looks of the Opera browser can be customized by changing the skin it uses. You can download a new skin and apply it from within the Opera browser. Here is how :

  1. Open your Opera browser.
  2. Select from the top-left menu Menu → Appearance. You can also press the keyboard combination Shift + F12 to open the Appearance window.
  3. In the Appearance window, select the Skin tab.
  4. Select the option Find more skins to search the skins from the Opera community.

  5. Choose a skin of your like and click the Download button shown under that skin. The skin will start downloading.

  6. After the skin is downloaded, you would be asked for keeping the skin. Click Yes to continue.

  7. The downloaded skin would be applied and you would be able to see the Opera browser change the appearance.