Find which program can open a file type

Have you ever come across a situation when you had no idea how to open a certain type of file? I have seen many people who do not know which program can open an ISO (CD/DVD image) file. Now you can easily find which program(s) you can use to open a file type of certain extension. Here is how :

  1. Note down the file extension of the file you want to open but do not know how to open it.
  2. Visit in your web browser.
  3. Type the file extension of your file in the top-left box and click Search,

  4. You will find a list of programs which can open the file with the file extension you searched for. Here is the snapshot of when searched for ISO extension :

  5. Each search result has a web link which you can click to visit that program’s web site. You can click on the links and download those programs.

Note that every file type can be opened in many different ways, so you have to choose a program that opens a file in the way you want. For example, and ISO file can be opened for editing, extracting or burning to a CD/DVD media and consequently there are many different types of programs listed for this file type. It depends on you which program you want to download.