Remove saved passwords in Chrome

When you enter login credentials on a web site, Chrome prompts you to save the passwords so that next time you do not have to type it in. Next time you visit that site’s login web page, Chrome automatically fills in the user name and the password fields from the saved passwords database. But this can be a security problem, as anyone can login to your accounts. If you want to clear your previously saved passwords, then follow these simple instructions :

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the wrench like icon on the top-right. Then choose Options from the menu as shown

  3. In the Google Chrome Options window, select the Personal Stuff tab.
  4. Click on the Show saved passwords button as shown,

  5. In the Passwords and Exceptions window click on the Remove All button.

  6. Chrome would ask for confirmation, choose Yes to continue and remove all the saved passwords.