Zoom a web page in the Opera browser

If you think a web page has small text in it, and you want to enlarge it, then you can zoom that web page. In the Opera browser zooming a web page is very easy. Here is how you can zoom a web page in the Opera browser :

  1. Open a web site your Opera browser.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass like icon on the bottom-left as shown.

  3. A menu would pop up from which you can select the zoom level from 20% to 300%. You can slide the slider to any zoom level and the web page would be zoomed accordingly.
  4. If later you want to go back to the normal zoom level (100% level), then you can press the key combination Ctrl + 0. You can also use the same method as described in the step #3 and slide the zoom slider back to 100%.