Add Search Internet link to Start Menu in Windows 7

In Windows 7, you can click on the Start Menu icon (blue orb on bottom-left) and start typing to search for a program. The search results are shown in the Start Menu bar itself. If you want to search the internet for the same terms, you can click on the Search Internet link. But you will have to add this link as it is disabled by default. Here is how :

  1. Press the key combination Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog. Type gpedit.msc in the Run dialog and press Enter.
  2. In the Group Policies Editor, navigate to User Configuration → Administrative Templates → Start Menu and Taskbar in the left side treeview.

  3. In the right hand side pane, you will find a value Add Search Internet link to Start Menu. Double click on it. Choose Enabled and click OK to save the settings and close the dialog.
  4. Now when you search for a term you would see a Search the internet link at the bottom of search list. You can click on it to search the same terms over the internet using your default search engine.