AutoZoom a web page in Google Chrome

Usually if you want to zoom a web page in Google Chrome, then you have to fiddle with hotkeys for zooming. But if you want to automatically zoom a web page based on the web browser window size and the size of your screen then you can use Zoomy. Here is how :

  1. Visit in the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the blue Install button to install the Zoomy extension

  3. It will prompt you for confirmation. Click on Install to proceed.

  4. After Zoomy is installed in your Chrome browser, try opening a web site and you will find that the web site is auto-zoomed to fit the browser window. Here is a screenshot of a web page without using Zoomy :

  5. Here is a screenshot of the same web page when using Zoomy :

Zoomy is a nice and praised Chrome extension which makes the full use of widescreen or larger monitors. Please note that Google apps like Gmail, Calendar, Reader, etc. will ot be zoomed automatically. You will have to use keyboard controls (like Ctrl +) to zoom, the level will be remembered the next time you visit the same web page.