Add additional clocks in Windows Vista

In Windows Vista, you can add up to two additional clocks along with your normal clock. These clocks appear when you click on the clock on the bottom-right of your desktop as shown.

You can add upto two additional clocks using the following steps :

  1. Click on clock in your desktop’s system tray on the extreme bottom-right. In the window that pops up, click on Change date and time settings… as shown

  2. This would open Date and Time window. Select the Additional Clocks tab. Check the box labeled Show this clock as shown. Select a time zone from the drop down listbox. You can also change the name of the clock from default Clock 1 to something more meaningful. When done click OK to save settings.

Similarly, you can add the second clock. If later you decide to remove a clock, just uncheck the Show this clock check-box in the step 2 above for that clock and save settings.