Auto translate a web page in Google Chrome

The internet is full of all kinds of information but some of it is not in a language that you understand. You can always translate a web page into the language you use using the online services like Google Translate or Yahoo! Babelfish. But Google Chrome browser can do this automatically. Here is how :

  1. Google will automatically see if a webpage is shown in a language you can read. To set languages you can read, follow the instructions in the article : how to add a reading language in Chrome.
  2. When you visit a web page which is not in a language you can read (see the step above), Google will ask you if you want to translate it.

  3. Click on the Translate button as shown above to translate the page.
  4. By default, Google Chrome translates the pages into the language set for Chrome’s GUI interface. But you can change the target translation language once Google has translated the web page. You can also change the Chrome interface language. See how to change Chrome interface language.