Scan and clean malware using Dr.WEB CureIt!

These days you can easily get infected with malware and viruses, if you use the internet. If your computer is also infected with malware and viruses, then you can get rid of them using the Dr.WEB CureIt! – a freeware rescue program from the makers of the popular Dr.WEB antivirus software. Dr.WEB CureIt! is an antivirus and anti-spyware scanning tool that is developed on the Dr.WEB engine which will help you quickly scan and cure, if necessary, a computer without installation of the Dr.WEB Anti-virus.

You can download the Dr.WEB CureIt! file from The download is available in form of a executable. The file name is in the form lt847836.exe. This program is updated regularly, so you should download it from the Dr.WEB web site each time you want to use it.

Download this file and save it on the Desktop of the infected computer. If you do not have internet connection on the infected computer, then download it on a computer with internet access and copy it over to the infected computer using a USB key.

If you can boot your computer in the normal mode, then you should run Dr.WEB CureIt! in the normal mode. But if you are no longer able to boot into Windows normally, then you should boot the computer in safe mode before running Dr.WEB CureIt!. To boot the infected computer in the safe mode, press the F8 key repeatedly upon computer boot. You would see a list of options, from which you have to select the Safe Mode using the arrow keys on your keyboard and press Enter. The Windows will start to load the Safe Mode.

To run the Dr.WEB CureIt!, simply double-click on the its downloaded file (in our case lt847836.exe) to execute it. If you are running the computer in the normal mode, you would get the UAC prompt to give administrator privileges to this program. Choose Yes to continue.

Next, you would be asked which mode of Dr.WEB CureIt! you want to select? It is recommended that you select the Enhanced Protection Mode (EPM). EPM mode ensures that Dr.WEB would run as expected even when your Windows Desktop is blocked by a malware.

Click on the Start button to start Dr.WEB Scanner as shown,

Before the scanner starts, you will see an information box that Dr.WEB scanner is being run in the Express Mode. Choose Yes to continue. Dr.WEB scanner will start scanning your system. You can always click on the stop button under the Dr.WEB logo to stop the scanning and choose a different mode of scanning – complete scan or custom scan.

When an infected objected is detected, you will be asked if you want to cure (disinfect) it. You should always choose Yes to all so that all infected objects detected in future also get automatically cured.

When the scan is finished, there would be some infected files which could not be cured. Click on Select All button to select all the detected infections. Then click on the Cure button and select Delete incurable from the menu as shown.

This would get rid of all the incurable infected objects and you will have a completely clean system. Dr.WEB recommends that you scan your computer again with CureIt! in the complete scan mode, if it detects any infections.

Dr.WEB CureIt! is free and ideal tool to get rid of all those nasty viruses and malware in your computer. It can detect 24 different types of undesirable objects. It contains the same virus database which is used in the commercial Dr.WEB anti-virus. It is regularly updated (sometimes as frequently as every 30 minutes). This is a must-have tool for all the computer administrators who have to deal with virus infections.