Use multiple accounts using MultiFox in Mozilla Firefox

If you have more than one Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other kinds of accounts then usually you login in your first account, use ii, logout of this account and then login into another account. If you are using Firefox, then you can use the MultiFox add-on to login into multiple accounts at the same time. Here is how :

  1. Visit in your Firefox browser.
  2. Click on the link labeled Continue to Website as shown,

  3. On the author’s web site, click on the green link on the right side Install Extension

  4. If Firefox shows a yellow confirmation bar to allow installation of add-on, click Allow

  5. Click on the Install button when asked,

  6. Restart Firefox to finish the installation.

After the installation of the MultiFox add-on and restarting the Firefox browser, you are ready to tweet from your Firefox browser. If you want to login into a different account of the same service(for example, google, yahoo etc), then just select File → New Identitity Profile as shown,

A new Firefox window will be opened with a new profile, in which you can login to annother account of the same service. Each profile is assigned a number. This number can be seen in the location bar. Clicking on the number in the location bar shows a About box for MultiFox addon. If Firefox crashes, all the extra profiles generated by Multifox will be restored when you restore the original instance of Firefox.