Add a new input language in Windows 7

If you have installed the English edition of Windows 7, but you also want to type in your own regional language like Thai, Hindi, Malay, Hebrew etc., then you can add the language of your choice as an input language. You can then switch between English and your regional language using the language bar and type in any of the selected language. You can add as many input languages as you want. Here is how :

  1. Press the key combination Windows logo key + R to open the Run dialog.
  2. Type intl.cpl in the Run dialog and press Enter.

  3. Select the tab labeled Keyboard and Languages. Then click on the button labeled Change keyboards.

  4. Click on the Add button under the Installed Services category.

  5. From the list, click on your regional language and then select a keyboard type. Then click OK.

  6. You would see your newly selected input language now listed under the Installed Services category. Click OK to proceed.

  7. You would now be able to see the language bar in the notification area (bottom-right of your screen). You can click on it and change the input language to be used for the window in focus.

  8. After changing the input language for the window in focus, you can start typing in that language. You can perform copy/paste of text too. I copy/pasted the following from Google (it means “Hi” in Hindi (India) language).

  9. If you do not have a keyboard for your selected regional language, then you can open the On-Screen Keyboard from Start Menu → All Programs → Accessories → Ease of Access → On-Screen keyboard. The keyboard automatically shows the layout for the chosen input language for a selected window in focus.