Change time servers in Windows XP

Windows XP uses online time servers to keep the correct time on your computer. Windows uses its own Microsoft time servers ( to adjust the time periodically which do not work always and are slow to respond. Sometimes they are very slow to respond. But you can change the time servers to faster and free time servers available on the internet. Here is how :

  1. Right click on the system clock shown in the bottom-right corner of the Windows desktop. Select Adjust Date/Time as shown

  2. In the Date and Time window that opens, select the Internet Time tab by clicking on it.
  3. Type in the new time server address in the text field labeled Server The list of new time servers is given in a table at the end of this article. Click on the button labeled OK. If you want to update the time from the server before saving the new server in the settings, you can click on the button labeled Update Now as shown in the following snapshot.

You can use these fast time servers listed below. You can pick any of these servers, but a server located nearest to you would respond faster. For example, if you live in the Argentina which is in South America, then pick up the South America server.

Location Server
North America
South America

If you are confused, just use the worldwide server. It can automatically locate a time server gerographically nearest to you. The above listed time servers are managed by