Edit a webpage before printing using PrintEdit in Firefox

When you print a webpage, everything gets printed including the big images, side bars, advertisements on the the webpage and other unwanted content. This not only wastes your printer ink but also is a waste of printer paper. Fortunately, there is a Mozilla Firefox add-on called PrintEdit which allows you to select portions of a web page and edit it before you print it. Here is how :

  1. Visit https://addons.mozilla.org/ in your Firefox browser.
  2. Click on the green Add to Firefox button to install the PrintEdit add-on.

    Installing PrintEdit add-on in Firefox

  3. Restart Firefox to complete the installation of the add on.
  4. Once you have installed the PrintEdit add-on, you are ready to use it. If you want to print a webpage, just select File → Print Preview from the menubar. You would see a new button labeled Edit in the preview window. Click on this button.

    Using PrintEdit add-on in Firefox

  5. After you click on the Edit button, you would taken to a page where you can select different elements of the web page. After selecting a portion of the webpage you can choose to either hide or delete them. If you hide an element it would become invisible and blank space would be shown in its place. If you delete an element, it would be removed from the webpage and rest of of webpage would be re-adjusted to take its place. You can also change the format of a selected element and change its apperance like fonts, padding etc.

    Editing a webpage using the PrintEdit add-on

  6. Once you have edited to get what you want to print, click on the button labeled Preview and you would be taken back to the Print Preview window. Now you would see the edited webpage which you can print by clicking on the Print button.

PrintEdit is one of those indispensable add-ons for Firefox that you cannot live without. Not only it saves your money by saving the printer ink, but it is also eco-friendly — saving the invaluable paper.