Remove Internet Explorer 8 from Windows 7

These days, when there are many secure, robust and fast web browsers like Opera, Chrome, Safari and Firefox are available, who needs the sloppy Internet Explorer? If you are using one of these third-party web browsers, then you may want to get rid of Internet Explorer. Though, it may seem impossible or very difficult to remove Internet Explorer, but you can easily uninstall it from Windows 7. This is how :

Important : You must install a third-party web browser (like Opera, Chrome, Safari or Firefox) before proceeding. If you remove Internet Explorer and you have no other web browser installed, then you will not be able to visit any web site.
  1. Press the keyboard combination Windows logo key + R to open the Run dialog.
  2. In the Run dialog, type OptionalFeatures.exe and press Enter key.

    Run dialog in Windows 7

  3. In the Windows Features window, un-check Internet Explorer 8 as shown.

    Windows Features window in Windows 7

  4. A warning would be shown. Choose Yes to continue removing Internet Explorer.

    Warning shown when removing Internet Explorer

  5. Click OK in the Windows Features window to make the changes. After some progress, Windows 7 will ask you to restart Windows in order to finish making the changes. Click on the Restart Now button to restart Windows.

    Restart Windows 7

  6. After Windows restarts, Internet Explorer would be gone from your system.