Using Startup Repair to fix boot problems in Windows 7

When trying to start your Windows 7 based computer, if you get an error like : ‘BOOTMGR is missing’ then you can use the Startup Repair to fix the problems. Startup Repair is one of the options in the Windows 7 Recovery Environment. There are two ways you can boot into the Windows 7 Recovery Environment. Here is how :

  1. Change the BIOS settings in your computer so that your DVD drive is the first boot device and your hard disk is the second boot device. Place your Windows 7 DVD in the DVD drive and turn on your computer. When you see a message Press any key to boot from CD or DVD…., hit any key on your keyboard.

    press any key to boot from cd or dvd

  2. After few seconds of ‘loading Windows’ message, you would see a window titled Install Windows, just click Next to continue.

    windos 7 dvd - install windows

  3. Click on Repair your computer link shown on the bottom-left of the window.

    windows 7 dvd - repair your computer

  4. Choose your Windows 7 partition you want to repair and click Next. If you see more than one partitions listed, choose the one which says Windows 7 under the Operating System category.

    windows 7 dvd - choose partition

  5. You would see a window titled System Recovery Options. Click on the top-most link labeled Startup Repair to start the repair of startup related problems.

    windows 7 dvd - startup repair

  6. The Startup Repair would start fixing your computer for startup related problems. After the process is over and fixes are applied, the computer would be re-started.

    windows 7 dvd - startup repair is fixing problems


  1. I have the same problem i installed phoenix through usb and now not able to boot into windows. I have window 8.1. As you suggested above that can i use windows 7 bootable pendrive to do startup repair..

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