Cleanup older System Restore points in Windows Vista

The System Restore feature in Windows Vista is very useful and it can help you return you system to an earlier point in time without affecting your personal files. But over some time, System Restore points start taking up too much of your hard disk space. There is a very scarce possibility that you would use the System Restore point created six months ago, so why not delete it and free up some hard disk space? You can easily clear up the older System Restore points and free up valuable hard disk space. Here is how :

  1. Start Disk Cleanup from Start Menu → All Programs → Accessories → System Tools.
  2. After scanning is over, the Disk Cleanup window will be shown. Click on More Options tab to select it.
  3. Under the category System Restore and Shadow Copies click on the button labeled Clean up… as shown.

    Cleanup older restore points in Windows Vista

  4. Choose Delete in the confirmation dialog to cleanup all older System Restore points except the most recent one.

    Confirmation to delete older restore points

  5. Click Cancel to close the Disk Cleanup window.