Force install bluetooth dongle drivers in Windows 7

Although Windows 7 supports a wide range of bluetooth dongles, yet there are some bluetooth dongles for which installation of drivers fails. Those bluetooth dongle owners need not despair, they can make Windows 7 install the default Microsoft bluetooth drivers using the Bluetooth Drivers Installer tool. Here is how :

  1. Download Bluetooth Drivers Installer from here :
  2. Insert your Bluetooth dongle in the USB port and cancel the Windows attempt to install the drivers.
  3. Double-click on the downloaded file BluetoothDriverInstaller.exe to run it. Accept the terms and conditions and click Next.

    Bluetooth Device Installer running in Windows 7

  4. It will detect and find any unconfigured bluetooth device on your system. If it finds a bluetooth device so far ignored by Windows, it will show you the result and you can click Next to proceed with the installation.

    Bluetooth Device Installer found an unconfigured device

  5. Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.

Actually, there is no magic done by this program. It just adds the hardware ID string to the %WinDir%infbth.inf file, thus making Windows detect the Bluetooth device and install drivers for it. You can manually do that too, but this tool makes it a matter of few clicks. This small freeware utility works not only on Windows 7 but also Vista and XP.