Improve power usage in Windows 7

Have you ever wondered how fast Windows 7 drains your notebook battery? Although it may be that you have a crappy quality notebook battery, yet you can try to optimize the power usage inside Windows 7 to maximize the battery life. Here is how :

  1. Open Control Panel and click on Find and fix problems under the System and Security category.

    Opening Troubleshoot window in Control Panel

  2. Then click on the Improve power usage under the System and Security category.

    Opening Power Truobleshooter from Control Panel

  3. This will open the Power troubleshooter window. Click Next to proceed.

    The Power Troubleshooter main window

  4. The Power troubleshooter will scan all the options that impact how the power is used in your computer and how fast your notebook battery is consumed. Once the scanning is over, all the items that could consume more power that needed are automatically fixed. A summary of which issues (or power wasters) are fixed is shown in the end.

    Power Troubleshooter has fixed many issues

  5. Now you can click on the Close button to close the Power troubleshooter.