Type to navigate links in Apple Safari browser

If you are old school keyboard person who loves to type on your keyboard rather than to click on the computer mouse, then you are going to love the Apple Safari web browser as it allows you to navigate the links by just typing on your keyboard. For this functionality, you have to install an extension called Type-to-Navigate in the Apple Safari browser. Here is how :

Type to navigate links in Apple Safari

  1. Visit https://extensions.apple.com/ page in your Safari browser.
  2. Scroll down and you will find the Type-to-Navigate in the Productivity section. Click on the blue Install Now button.

    Installing Type to navigate extension in Apple Safari

  3. You will see the blue Install Now button turn into a progress bar and when the installation is over, you will see a green colored Installed in place of the blue Install Now button.
  4. Now to navigate to a link on a webpage, start typing any of the text contained in that link. You would see the link highlighted. Then press Enter key to follow that link.

    Using Type-to-navigate extension in Apple Safari

  5. If you are using Mac, then you can press ⌘G to jump to the next link containing the text and ⌘⇧G to jump to the previous link. Hit ESC to cancel or exit a focused field. In Windows, this extension does not work as expected and you have to quickly type and press Enter to make it work.