Watch YouTube videos in expanded mode

YouTube has become one of the most visited websites all over the world. Everybody loves to watch funny videos on YouTube. If you also visit YouTube a lot and enjoy watching the videos on it, then you would love to watch the videos in expanded mode. When you expand a video, it removes all the unwanted and distracting texts on the right side and the comments on the bottom – the video expands to the size of the browser window and you can enjoy the video to its maximum pleasure. Here is how you can expand a YouTube video :

YouTube expanded videos

  1. Open your web browser and navigate the YouTube website at
  2. Open any video on the YouTube website. When the video starts to play, you would see a right-angle-like button on the YouTube player on the lower-right. Just click on this button to expand the currently being played video to the size of the web browser.

    How to expand YouTube videos

  3. If later you want to shrink the video back to the regular size, just click on the same button again. Clicking on this expand-shrink button will toggle the video between expanded and shrink states.

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