Create a New User Account in Windows Vista

If you have a computer in home or work which is used by many users, then you should create a separate account for each user. This way everyone can have their own separate settings like web browser bookmarks, desktop background etc. You can create a new user account easily in Windows Vista. For creating a new user account, you must have computer administrator level privileges. Here is how you can create a new user account in Windows Vista :

  1. Open Start Menu → Control Panel.
  2. In the Control Panel, click on Add or remove user accounts sub-category under the User Accounts and Family Safety.

    Add Remove User Accounts in Control Panel

  3. In the Manage Accounts window click on Create a new account as shown.

    Create New User Account in Control Panel

  4. In the Create New Account window, type the new user name. I have typed James in the example picture below. Select whether you want to create a Standard account or an Administrator account. A standard user does not have as many privileges as the Administrator do. The standard account user cannot make changes system settings and cannot install new sofwtare. If you are creating an account for your children or students, then you should choose the Standard account type. Finally, click on the button labeled Create Account.

    New User Account in Control Panel

  5. After you click the button Create Account, Windows creates the new account and assigns a random picture to it.