Make Snow Fall on Any Webpage in Google Chrome

Winter has arrived and Christmas is nearing, so why not celebrate by making the snow fall in all the webpages open in the Google Chrome browser. It not only looks cool but is also fitting to the winter season. By using the Snow extension, you can make start the snowflakes falling effect on any webpage in the Google Chrome browser. Here is how :

Snow extension for Google Chrome

  1. Visit Snow extension page in your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the blue Install button to install the Snow extension.

    Download Snow extension for Google Chrome

  3. It will prompt you for confirmation. Click on Install to proceed.

    Install Snow extension for Google Chrome

  4. As soon as you install the Snow extension, you are ready to use. Just visit any website and you would soon find the snow flakes falling down on the webpage.
  5. I added a dark colored background image to my Google main webpage (see how to set background image to Google homepage). And then the whole result of falling snow looks very beautiful. The best part is that all the snow flakes are accumulated at the bottom edge of your Chrome browser.

    Snow extension for Google Chrome with dark background

  6. This extension has no options to set so you do not have to worry about any settings.

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