Play Safe on Facebook Using BitDefender safego

Facebook is all about interacting with friends and family online, posting on walls, sharing funny pictures, playing games and having fun. But this harmless fun is spoiled when you encounter a malicious link on Facebook. Apart from these malicious links, there are perverts and online stalkers trying to steal your private information.

The BitDefender safego is a Facebook application which can scan all the links shared on Facebook using in-the-cloud scanning — keeping your computer safe from malware and phishing attacks. Not only that but it also protects your from getting spammed in your Facebook inbox. With BitDefender safego you also get a privacy rating that tells you whether you are an easy prey on the personal data theft front as well.

The BitDefender safego is a free Facebook app and has to be authorized inside your Facebook account. Here is how :

  1. Visit Facebook and login to your Facebook account in your favorite browser.
  2. Visit and click on the button that says Okidokey! Lets see the app.

    BitDefender safego for Facebook

  3. Click on the Allow button at the bottom. This allows the BitDefender safego app to access your Facebook account data. It can access your Facebook basic data, send you email, post on your wall, access data any time etc.

    Allow BitDefender safego in Facebook

  4. That’s it. Now the BitDefender safego is protecting you on Facebook. You are shown a dashboard where you can see if your profile is protected, you have any privacy issues, how many malicious items and links have been detected. You can also choose various settings like allowing safego to publish on your wall, allowing it to scan your inbox etc.

    BitDefender safego Dashboard in Facebook

  5. It is recommended that you enable inbox scanning and publishing on wall. After that you can go out, play and have fun on Facebook.

Facebook has recently surpassed Yahoo! sites in popularity. More and more people are joining Facebook everyday. And the cyber-criminals are looking at Facebook as their new target for scams. Security leaders like BitDefender, Panda Labs and Sophos report new Facebook scams almost everyday. In this kind of Facebook jungle, the BitDefender safego app provides the peace of mind for everyday casual user who just wants to have some fun on the Facebook with his/her family and friends.