Remove Add-ons from Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft Internet Explorer is as flexible browser as Mozilla Firefox, but it also lets you install some add-ons to enhance the web-browser functionality. If after installing a add-on, you find that this was not the kind of add-on you were looking for, then you can remove that add-on. Here is how to remove a add-on from Internet Explorer.

  1. Start Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.
  2. From the toolbar menu, select Tools → Internet Options to open the Internet Options window.

    Open Internet Options window

  3. In the Internet Options window, select the Programs tab.
  4. Click on the Manage add-ons button.

    Open Manage add-ons window

  5. Choose an add-on you want to remove from the list by clicking on it. If the selected add-on is removable, then you would see the Remove button on the bottom-right of the Manage add-ons window.
  6. Click on the Remove button to remove the selected add-on.
  7. Remove add-ons from Internet Explorer

Note that some of the add-ons (like Adobe Flash add-on) in Internet Explorer can be removed only from the Control Panel’s Uninstall Programs section. So to remove those add-ons you have to run the respective uninstallation program.