Use Multiple Google Accounts at the Same Time in Your Browser

Do you have more than one Google accounts? Do you want to use them all — at the same time, in the same browser? Yes, you can sign-in to multiple Google accounts at the same time. Google knows that people have many Google accounts, so they have enabled you to use more than one Google account by toggling a setting. This way you do not have to check your e-mails on one Gmail account, then log off and sign-in to another Gmail account to check emails on that account.

This “sign-in to multiple-accounts” feature is only available to some of the Google products. If you try to access any other Google product, then this multiple sign-in feature will not work. The supported Google products (at the present time) are : Calendar, Code, Gmail, Reader, Sites and Voice.

1. Enable Multiple Sign-in Feature

  1. In your browser, visit Google Accounts web page and login to one of your Google accounts. Use the primary account (the account that you use most of the time) to login.
  2. On the Google Accounts web page, you will find the setting for Multiple sign-in feature under the Personal Settings category. Click on the Edit link to enable it.

    Multiple Sign-in Feature in Google

  3. Select the option On. Then check all the checkboxes – confirming that you undestand what multiple-sign-in feature is about. Click on the Save button to save the settings.

    Enable Multiple Sign-in Feature in Google

  4. That’s it. Now you have enabled multiple-sign-in feature for this Google account. If you want, you can enable this multiple sign-in feature for all of your Google accounts, but it is not necessary.

2. Using Multiple Google Accounts in Browser

  1. Login to your Google account for which you have enabled the “multiple sign-in” feature. For example, login to Gmail in your browser. The account you first logon to would automatically become the default or primary Google account for the current browser session. This default Google account would be used for Google products which do not support multiple-sign-in feature.
  2. After you have logged in to your Google account. You would see a tiny downward arrow by the side of your email-address on the top-right of the web page. Click on this arrow and a menu will slide down with option to Sign in to another account.. Click on it to sign in to another account.

    Sign-in to Multiple Accounts in Google

  3. After you have signed in to two (or more) accounts, when you visit a Google service like Gmail — you can click on the same downward arrow to the right side of your email address and choose an account.

    Switch to Multiple Accounts in Google

  4. You will see Gmail (or any other Google service) switch to the selected account quickly.

  5. When you log out from one account, you get logged out of all the accounts.

The multiple sign-in feature is a very easy and convenient way for accessing many Google accounts at the same time. Many of us use at-least two Gmail accounts and this feature makes it so easy to check emails from both the accounts. You can also save time that you spend in login on and off to different accounts, by using this multiple sign-in feature.