Check Suspicious Files Using Dr.Web Online Check

If you are suspicious about a file that you have downloaded over the Internet and want to make sure that it is not infected with some kind of malware, then you can scan it online using the Dr.Web Online Check tool. The Dr.Web Online Check utility lets you upload a single file (like document or an executable file) or a zipped archive containing many files to the Dr.Web server, where they are scanned for malware. You can use any kind of archive like ZIP, RAR or ARJ etc. The Dr.Web Online Check tool is able to extract the files from most of the archives.

If you want to scan more than one file, then you have to archive them together into a ZIP archive. You can use an archiving software like 7-Zip, WinZip or WinRAR. You can archive any number of files together into a single archive.

To start scanning open the Dr.Web Online Check web page at in your web browser. You will find a simple upload form – a Browse button and a Scan button.

Dr.Web Online Check

Click on the Browse button and choose the file you want to check. If you want to scan more than one file, then you have to create an archive of all the these files and choose the archive to upload instead. Click the Scan button after selecting the file to start uploading the file.

You will see a window popup, and after few seconds, you will see see the scan results inside this window. If the file you have uploaded is infected with malware or the archive you have uploaded contains infected files, then the popup windows will show a red colored Infected. All the malware names would be listed against the uploaded files.

Dr.Web Online Check found infected file

At this point you can choose to take further steps like disinfecting or deleting the files. If the files are not infected, then you will see a green colored Clean in the popup window and you have nothing to worry about.

In the Dr.Web results popup window, you can click on the Link button and it will redirect to the results page for the file you have uploaded. You can copy the link and share it with friends, post it on forums or social network sites to show that a particular file is not infected(or is infected) as per Dr.Web results.

Dr.Web is an industry leader when it comes to security and malware removal products. Dr.Web Online Check is a nifty and always up-to-date online tool to check the downloaded files and documents for malware before you try to access them. If you already have another antivirus software installed, then you can always get a second opinion using the Dr.Web Online Check.