Save Any Web Page as a PDF File

How many times have you wanted to save a web page as a Portable Document Format (PDF) files? The PDF files are very popular for document exchange as they retain the same format independent of hardware, applications or operating system. You can convert any web page into a high quality PDF for archiving, printing or sharing with friends using the Save as PDF web browser add-on.

To use the Save as PDF add-on in the Mozilla Firefox browser, follow these steps :

  1. Visit in your Firefox browser.
  2. Click on the green colored button labeled Add to Firefox.

    Install Save as PDF add-on

  3. Restart Firefox to complete the installation of the add on.
  4. Once you have installed the Save as PDF add-on, you are ready to use it. Just browse to the web page you want to save as a PDF file. Then click on the Save as PDF icon in the Firefox toolbar as shown.

    Click on the Save as PDF icon

  5. After some time (few seconds), you will see a Save File dialog. Choose to save the file and save the PDF file on your hard disk.

    Save a web page as PDF file

The unpaid edition of the Save as PDF add-on does not allow any settings to change. The unpaid edition uses only standard settings. The Save as PDF add-on does not create the PDF on your computer but sends the URL to its own servers and prepares the PDF file there which you can download. This can result in the web page look a little different in the resulting PDF file, because of the difference of browser settings and fonts on their system. Nevertheless, the Save as PDF add-on is very useful for archiving articles, saving a web page without losing its original format, sharing web pages with friends and print high quality PDF files.