Share Websites Easily Using Cortex Extension in Google Chrome

Many times we stumble upon a good web page, video or image while browsing online and we want to share it with others over the social networking web sites like facebook, twitter etc. But manually typing the link is a tedious process. If you are using the Google Chrome as your web browser, then you can use the Cortex extension to share your favorite web pages on facebook, twitter, tumbler and Instapaper. Using the Cortex extension, you can share links, videos, images, links or highlghted texts. Here is how :

  1. Visit Cortex extension page in your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the blue Install button to install the Cortex extension.

    Download Cortex in Chrome Browser

  3. It will prompt you for confirmation. Click on Install to proceed.

    Install Cortex in Chrome Browser

  4. You will be shown a popup window, where you have to add your social media accounts. Click on the Add button under the social networking site icons and you will be taken to a webpage to allow the Cortex extension to access your social networking account. You do not have to configure all the four social networking sites. After you have granted access to Cortex to access your social networking account(s), click on the Next to continue.

    Configure Cortex in Chrome Browser

  5. Now you are ready to use the Cortex extension. Just click and hold your left-mouse button over a video, image, link or page you want to share. Soon a circle would appear showing all the configured social networking icons. Then quickly click on the social networking site icon you want to share to. I have configured only twitter, instapaper and facebook, so only those appear in the following picture.

    Using Cortex in Chrome Browser

  6. By default, the shared items on the social networking sites includes the title of the webpage, video etc. and its shortened URL link. But you can also edit the message of the shared link. To edit the message, do not click on the icon on the Cortex circle but just hover over it and an editable text field would appear where you can type the message. After typing the message, hit the Enter key to send the message.

    Cortex extension in Chrome Browser

If you are a regular Google Chrome web browser user who has multiple social networking accounts, then the Cortex extension is the quickest, best and the easiest way to share the useful and fun links with your friends.