Check if Your Chrome Browser has Outdated Plugins

Most of the time, hackers and malicious sites are able to attack a person through browsers because you are using an outdated browser plugin, for example, an outdated Adobe Flash plugin. But how would you know if you have an outdated browser plugin installed. The Secbrowsing Chrome extension for the Google Chrome web browser allows you to check if your Chrome browser plugins are up-to-date. Here is how :

  1. Visit in the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the blue Install button to install the Secbrowsing extension

    Secbrowsing Extension for Chrome

  3. It will prompt you for confirmation. Click on the Install button to proceed in the confirmation dialog. After Secbrowsing is installed in your Chrome browser, you are ready to use it. You do not have to do anything. If you have any outdated plugin installed, you would see the Secbrowsing icon would appear in the toolbar. When you click on the icon, it will show you which plugin is outdated.

    Check outdated plugins using Secbrowsing

  4. Alternatively, if you do not want to install the Secbrowsing extension, you can just browse in the Chrome browser. It would check the versions of your browser plugins and display the results as shown :

    Secbrowsing shows outdates plugins

The Secbrowsing extension of the Google Chrome browser can be a real lifesaver as it automatically warns you of any of the outdated plugins. Every Google Chrome user should have it installed to stay updated and secure.