Find Updates to Installed Software Using FileHippo Update Checker

Most of the security related problems arise because you have been using older software. The new updated versions come patched for many security vulnerabilities and are also loaded with new features. Instead of searching for newer versions of programs manually, now you can use the FileHippo Update Checker to find out if the updates to the software installed on your computers are available. The Update Checker will scan your computer for installed software, check the versions and then send this information to to see if there are any newer releases. Here is how :

Note : The FileHippo Update Checker is designed in .NET. You need .NET 2.0 installed on your computer for it to work. It is already installed on Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you are using Windows XP, you can download .NET 2.0 SP2 from here.

You can download the FileHippo Update Checker from the FileHippo website. The download is available as a setup installer or a standalone program. The program is of very small size (less than one megabytes). After the installation, it launches itself and places an icon in the notification area of Windows. You can right-click on this notification area icon and choose to scan your installed programs for latest versions.

FileHippo Update Checker

The FileHippo Update Checker would collect data from your computer and send it to the FileHippo servers for analysis. You can see the progress of the scanning process on your desktop as the FileHippo Update Checker scans your system and uploads it.

FileHippo Update Checker

The whole scanning and uploading takes only in a few seconds. After this it will open your default web browser and navigate to the FileHippo website where you can see a list of the installed software for which updates are available along with their respective download links.

FileHippo Update Checker

To download an updated program, just click on the green download link given on the results page. After you have downloaded the updated software, you can start installing them and keep your computer up-to-date.

In the settings for FileHippo Update Checker, you can customize the web browser in which the results are shown, hide beta versions in the results, hide program installation folders in the results, run FileHippo Update Checker at Windows startup and add custom locations for scanning.

FileHippo Update Checker

Conclusion: The FileHippo Update Checker is an easy and quick way to scan for the latest versions of the software installed on your Windows computer. It scans your computer for installed programs and finds if their newer versions are available on FileHippo website from where you can also download them.

You can download FileHippo Update Checker from