Enable Instant for Faster Browsing in Google Chrome

Google Instant is a service available on the Google Search webpage. This allows you to quickly search for the typed words or phrases without hitting the Enter key or clicking on the search button. Few people know that the same service can be enabled within the Google Chrome browser itself. This enables you to browse faster on the web by showing search results and webpages in the browser window as you type in the address bar (called Omnibox), even before you press Enter. This is how :

Chrome Instant Search in Omnibox

  1. Open Google Chrome browser. Click on the wrench like icon on the browser toolbar in the top-right.
  2. Select Options from the drop-down menu as shown.

    Chrome Options

  3. Click the Basics tab to select it if not previously selected.
  4. In the Search section, place a checkmark in the checkbox labeled Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing to enable the Instant feature.

    Enable Chrome Instant Search

  5. You can also select which search engine is to be used to provide the Instant search results in the Omnibox. You can choose from the three main search engines — Google, Yahoo! and Bing. If you want, you can also add any other search engine too.

    Select Search Engine for Instant Search

  6. Close the Options tab. Now you should be able to browse and search faster right from the address bar Omnibox)!