Play Golf Game inside Google Chrome Browser

If you are bored working on your computer all day long, then you can relax your mind by playing a little game of golf right inside your browser. You can install the Mini Golf extension in your Google Chrome web browser and start playing the golf game anytime you want. The golf game starts by clicking on a ball like icon on the Chrome toolbar. If you click on the icon again, the game is closed and you can go back to work. Here is how to install it :

Mini Golf Game in Chrome

  1. Visit Mini Golf extension page in your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the blue Install button to install the Mini Golf extension.

    Mini Golf Game in Chrome

  3. As soon as you install the Mini Golf extension, you are ready to use it. Just click on the golf ball like icon on the Chrome toolbar on the top-right corner. As you click on this ball, the mini golf game would pop out and you can start playing it.

    Mini Golf Game in Chrome

  4. After you are done enjoying the mini golf game, you can click anywhere else in the Chrome web browser to close the game and go back to work.

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