Print Webpages Without Crap Using Print Friendly

Websites are designed in a user friendly fashion with sidebars, menus, advertisements, related links etc. If you try to print a useful webpage, all of this un-needed information also gets printed. Not only the printout looks bad, but this is also a waste of the printing ink and the paper. You can now print any webpage with a nice print friendly format using the Print Friendly service. Here is how :

  1. Visit the Print Friendly web site at
  2. Enter a webpage’s URL which you want to print in the text field shown, and click on the print preview button.

    Print a webpage using Print Friendly

  3. You will be shown a print preview of the the webpage. You can click on any paragraph or image and remove it. You can increase or decrease the text size as you want. You can also remove all the images if you want by selecting no images on the top.

    Print a webpage using Print Friendly

  4. After you are satisfied with the format, click on the print button to print it. If you do not have a printer ready, you can save the formatted webpage as a PDF file to print it later.

The Print Friendly web site is a great way to print only the needed and useful information from a webpage loaded with all kind of advertisements, links, menus, comments and sidebars. This way you can save ink and paper, which translates to saving money and helping the environment.