Transform Windows 7 to Look Like Windows 8

Microsoft has already started working on the next version of their operating system – Windows 8. Although very little is known about Windows 8, yet some Windows enthusiasts have created a transformation pack for making Windows 7 look like upcoming Windows 8. This transformation pack adds the Windows 8 features like Taskbar UserTile, Aero Lite, Windows 8 Aero Theme, Aura Beta 2 etc. to Windows 7. If you want to make your Windows 7 look like Windows 8, you can also download and install this transformation pack. Here is how :

You can download Windows 8 Tranformation pack from The download size is merely 6 MB. After downloading, extract the contents to a folder and double-click on 8 Skin Pack 1.0.exe to start the installation.

Windows 8 Transformation pack

During the setup process, you can choose which items are to be installed in the transformation pack. You can choose to patch the uxTheme so that you can install any unsigned themes in Windows 7. You can also choose to install Visual Style, Wallpaper, Aura and TaskbarUserTile. If you select Files, then it will patch the DLL and EXE files to show Windows 8 instead of Windows 7 resources.

Windows 8 Transformation pack

After installation your computer needs to reboot so that the transformation pack can be applied. As soon as your computer reboots you can see the Windows 8 skin applied in your Windows 7 computer.

Windows 8 Transformation pack

This theme appears to be designed for Ultimate edition of Windows 7, so even if you install it on other editions of Windows 7 like Home or Professional, it would change the resources to show Windows 8 Ultimate. Please note that these transformation pack patches many EXE and DLL files and this may crash your computer, so be careful not to install it on a computer used for work or business. The transformation pack can be uninstalled if later you decide to revert back to Windows 7.

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