Create an Alias to Your Hotmail Email Address

Are you tired of your old hotmail email address? Do you wish that it would be a little different. Hotmail or Windows Live allows you to create an alias to your already existing hotmail email address. This way you can have another alias email address of your choice pointing back to the same old email address you already have. Any emails sent to the new alias would be received at the old email address. Here is how you can create aliases for your hormail email address :

  1. Log on to your Windows Live (or Hotmail) account in your web browser.
  2. Then visit the Windows Live Alias page by clicking by visiting
  3. Type in a new alias email address id, choose a domain like And then click on the button Create an alias as shown.

    Create a hotmail alias

  4. If the email address you have chosen is available, the alias would be created and you would be shown a prompt to create a new inbox folder for the new alias you have just created. You can also keep the emails sent to the new alias in your existing inbox by selected Your inbox.

    Create a hotmail alias

  5. That’s it. Your email alias is ready to be used after you recieve a confirmation email from Hotmail at your new alias.

Email aliases are very helpful in case you do not want to expose your email address to everyone. Just create an alias and use it everywhere – even if it is spammed badly, you do not have to worry about the spam coming to your main inbox. Hotmail allows you to create five aliases per year to your Hotmail account, up to fifteen aliases in total.