Recover Deleted Files Using Recuva

Have you deleted an important file only to realize it a minute later? Have you emptied your Recycle Bin only to find out that there was some file you wanted? Well, do not sit there biting your finger. Download Recuva – a free software which can help your recover your deleted or lost files and folders from your computer, pen drives, digital camera or MP3 players. Recuva is designed by Piriform – the same folks who created the popular CCleaner software.

You can download Piriform Recuva from the web site at The download is offered in two forms. You can download it either in the installable setup format or in the standalone portable format. The portable edition is recommended as you can put it on a USB pen drive and use it on any computer you want without the need of installing first. Recuva comes for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. Make sure you run the correct executable for your Windows edition – the Recuva.exe is for the 32-bit edition of Windows and the Recuva64.exe for the 64-bit edition of Windows. It works on both the FAT and NTFS drives..

When you run Recuva for the first time, it starts in the wizard mode. You can go through the wizard and select what type of files you are looking for and where (location on hard disk) you expect them to be. Then click on the Start button to start scanning for the deleted files in the selected location. You can choose the deep scan to scan files at the sector level on your hard disk. The deep scan can find files even on formatted hard disks.

Recover Deleted Files Using Recuva

If you do notlike the wizard, then you can click the Cancel button in the wizard to close it and open the advanced Recuva interface. In this interface, you can select the location of the target drive from the dropdown menu. Then you can click on the Scan button to let Recuva find deleted data from the selected drive. After a few moments it will show you a list of found deleted files. You can select a file to see its preview in the right-side thumbnail preview pane.

Recover Deleted Files Using Recuva

The list in the advanced mode shows a list of all of the files Recuva is capable of recovering, as well as their location on your drive, the date they were last modified, and what your chances of recovering them are. The red circle before a file name means that the file is in unlikely condition and may not be recoverable. The orange circle means that the file is in acceptable condition and may possibly be recovered. The green circle means that the file is in excellent condition and can be easily recovered.

Recovering found deleted files with Recuva is pretty easy. Just select all the files you want to recover by checking the checkboxes in front of them. Once you have made a selection of all the files you want to recover, click on the Recover button on the lower-right corner. Then select a target folder where you want the selected files to be copied to.

Recover Deleted Files Using Recuva

You can also right-click over a file in the list and select Recover Highlighted. If you want to overwrite a file instead of recovering it, then right-click over a file and select Secure Overwrite Highlighted. This secure overwriting would make the file irrecoverable in future.

Recuva can save your life when you have accidentally deleted a file or you lose data on a hard drive due to some reason. If you want a good free-of-charge file recovery software then Recuva should be your first choice. It should be on every administrator’s USB pen drive.

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