Test Your Password Strength Using McAfee Password Analyzer

Sometimes we just pick up very easy or small password out of laziness. But choosing an easy to guess password may cost you way more than you can think. McAfee is offering a free password analyzer tool using which you can test if your password is strong enough. This tool is not only checks the strength of your password but also suggests various means to protect yourself with a strong password which is not easy to crack.

To use the McAfee Password Analyzer, you can visit the web page at http://mcafeepasswordanalyzer.com/password-analyzer-en/. Enter your password in the field give for the password and the McAfee Password Analyzer tool will automatically show if the password strength is Low, Medium, Strong or Super Strong.

McAfee Password Analyzer

What is unique in this password analysis tool is that it shows and suggests various standards using which you can make your password very strong. For example, your password should be atleast 8 characters long, should use both uppercase and lowercase, should use numbers and special characters. If your password follows all these guidelines, then you can also create a super strong password.

The McAfee Password Analyzer tool not only checks your password strenth but also teaches you various do’s and don’ts; how to make easily memorable strong password and how to keep your password safe. So if you have doubt about the strength of your password, or if you want to learn the basics of creating, memorizing or safe keeping a strong password, then give McAfee Password Analyzer tool a try.