Search Google Using Your Voice in Chrome Browser

Google is always coming up with newer and refreshing ideas about how to use Google search. Now Google has come forward with a new style of search called Voice Search. Using voice search you can dictate search phrases or keywords in Google search engines using your microphone. Google voice search is only available for the Google Chrome web browser in the English language. This is how to use the Google voice search in the Google Chrome web browser :

  1. First of all you need the Google Chrome web browser because Google voice search is only supported on the Google Chrome. You can download and install Google Chrome web browser from
  2. Attach your microphone to your computer. Some newer laptops have internal microphones, so you do not need Make sure it is working by recording and listening to your own voice. You can read how to record sound in Windows 7.
  3. In the Google Chrome browser, visit Google web site. You would see a small microphone icon in the search field. Click on this microphone icon and you would see a dialog bubble which means that it is time for you to start speaking. Speak your search terms and then stay silent for few seconds.

    Google Voice Search

  4. Google would show the search results for what you spoke. Sometimes, Google cannot pinpoint what you have spoken so it shows you a list of possible search phrases that you could have spoken.

    Google Voice Search

Google Voice Search is the next step in the way we search for different things on the Google search engines. The future of Google Voice search is bright. Google is going to provide this functionality for other web browsers in the future. Google also has future plans to lanuch the voice search for many other languages.