Download and Backup Your Facebook Photos Using Pick and Zip

More and more digital devices are coming with options for uploading the digital pictures and videos straight to your facebook account. This is a great thing as facebook works like an online backup in this way. Even if you lose your photos on your digital camera, you still have them on your facebook account. But how would you download all the photos from your facebook account ? You can use the free Pick and Zip service to help you download all your facebook photos packed in a single ZIP archive or as a PDF file. Here is how :

  1. Visit the Pick and Zip web site Click on the Login with Facebook button on the top of the webpage and login using your facebook credentials.

    Download facebook photos using Pick and Zip

  2. A Request for Permission window shall pop up. Choose Allow to allow the Pick&Zip Photo Downloader app to access your facebook information. This is required so that Pick and Zip can download your photos.

    Download facebook photos using Pick and Zip

  3. In the page that opens, click on the green Find My Photos button at the bottom-left. This will find all your uploaded photos as well as the photos you are tagged in. You can select a photo for downloading by clicking on it. To select all the photos, just click on the Select All button at the bottom. To see your facebook albums, select the Albums tab and you would see your wall photos as well as all your uploaded photos. You can also select photos of people you follow by choosing their page from the left side list.

    Download facebook photos using Pick and Zip

  4. At any time, you can see which photos you have selected to download in the My Selection tab. After you have made the selection of photos you would like to download, switch over to the Download tab. Then click on the Download my selction button.

    Download facebook photos using Pick and Zip

  5. You will be asked to choose ZIP or PDF format. The ZIP format contains an archive of all the photos in JPEG format while the PDF is a single document containing all the selected photos. Click on ZIP or PDF it will start gathering all the selected photos. Soon you will be shown a Save button, clicking on which you can start downloading the photos to your computer.

Although facebook itself allows you to download all your account data (including your photos), yet their process is much slower than Pick and Zip service. It takes only a few minutes to download hundreds of photos using Pick and Zip. So if you are looking for a faster way to download and back up your facebook photos, then use the free Pick and Zip service.

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