Increase Number of Recent Items in Windows 7 Jump Lists

Windows 7 has an amazing feature called Jump Lists. The Jump Lists give you quick and easy access to more frequently opened documents, web sites etc. by a program. When you hover you mouse cursor over a program shortcut in the Start Menu, it will show all the recently opened documents in it. For example, you can hover over the Internet Explorer shortcut in the Start Menu and you will be shown the Jump List for all the recently opened sites in the Internet Explorer. By default, you are shown only last ten opened documents or web sites. But if you want, you can increase the number of recent items shown in a Start Menu Jump List. Here is how :

  1. Right-click over the Start Menu (blue orb in the bottom-left corner) and select Properties from the right-click menu.

    Increase Recent Items in Jump Lists

  2. In the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window that opens, click on the Customize button as shown.

    Increase Recent Items in Jump Lists

  3. Another window titled Customize Start Menu would pop up. At the bottom of this window, you would find a spinbox where you can set the number of recent items shown in the Start Menu jump list as shown. You can set a maximum of sixty recent items to be shown in the jump lists.

    Increase Recent Items in Jump Lists

  4. Finally click on the OK button to save the settings.

If you work with lots of documents everyday then it would be a time wasting hassle trying to find them on your hard disk. But if you have a good enough number of recent items shown in the Start Menu Jump Lists, then the task of opening and editing recent documents becomes quick, easy and fun.

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