Stay Safe with WebFilter Extension in Chrome Browser

If you share your computer with your entire family including young children, then you must be worried about protecting your family from all the crap over the internet like adult sites, illegal drug sites, spyware infected sites and other time wasters. If you are a Google Chrome web browser user then you can easily filter such inappropriate sites using a Chrome extension called WebFilter. WebFilter is cloud based content filtering application which monitors around eight million web sites and billions of web pages to give your family, especially your young children, a safer internet surfing environment.

WebFilter extension in Chrome browser

This extension can be used to block the following categories of web sites :

  • Adult oriented sites
  • Illegal drugs sites
  • Online game sites
  • Gambling or weapon related sites and forums
  • Social networking sites like and
  • Spyware and malware distribution sites
  • Anonymous proxy sites to bypass firewall or parental control software
  • Spam promoting sites

You can follow these simple steps to install and use the WebFilter extension in the Google Chrome browser :

  1. Visit the WebFilter extension web page on Google web store at in your Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the blue colored Install button to start the installation.

    WebFilter extension in Chrome browser

  3. After the installation is over, you would see a yellow colored round WebFilter button in the Chrome toolbar on the right side as shown.

    WebFilter extension in Chrome browser

  4. To change the settings of the WebFilter extension, click on this yellow colored WebFilter button and select Change Security Policy as shown.

    WebFilter extension in Chrome browser

  5. On the Options page that opens you can choose to block or allow various categories of sites. After you have made the selections of which sites categories you want to block, click on the Save button to save the settings.

    WebFilter extension in Chrome browser

  6. If you accidentally (or intentionally) visit an inappropriate web site which is selected to be blocked in the WebFilter options, then you will be redirected to a warning page instead.

The WebFilter extension provides moderate web browsing safety for Google Chrome users. It does not offer to password protect the options so maybe teenagers can easily bypass it. But this appears to be a great tool to protect younger kids.

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