Malware Removal Using Free IObit Malware Fighter

If you use the internet regularly, then you are exposed to the threat of the malware everyday. It is always better to protect yourself from getting infected in the first place, but even if you get infected with some malware, you can use the free IObit Malware Fighter to scan and remove the malware from your computer. The free edition of the IObit Malware Fighter not only allows you to scan and remove malware on your computer, but also provides the realtime protection against tracking cookies, browser hijacking, malicious files, autorun entries etc.

In the main Malware Fighter window, you can open the scanning section by clicking on the Scan button. There you can choose three different kinds of scan – the Smart Scan, the Full Scan and the Custom Scan. The Smart Scan scans only those areas of your system which are well known to be used by malware. The Full Scan scans your entire system for any malware. For the first time use, you should choose the Smart Scan option to quickly scan for malware. In the Custom Scan, you can define your own preferences as to which parts of your system should be scanned. You can click on the green Scan button to start the scan as shown in the following picture.

IObit Malware Fighter

At the end of every type of scan, you will be presented with a scan results window. It will show you a list of threats found on your system. The list would show the threat name, location and type. All the threats found would be pre-selected for removal. You can click on the Repair button to repair (remove) the threats found. You should note that the removal of some of the threats might require you to restart the computer.

IObit Malware Fighter

In the Protect section of the Malware Fighter, you can choose to protect various areas of your system in realtime. The free edition of the Malware Fighter provides Startup Guard, Browser Guard, Network Guard, File Guard and the Cookie Guard. The other three protections – Process Guard, USB Guard and Malicious Action Guard are available only in the paid edition. You can simply click on the protection buttons to toggle them on or off. A green colored button indicated the ON status while a red colored button indicates an OFF status.

IObit Malware Fighter

In the Cloud section of the Malware Fighter, you can upload a suspicious file to the IObit Cloud servers. The file would be transfered to the automated threat analysis IObit servers. A browser window shall popup to show you the analysis results. You would be shown if the uploaded file is safe or malicious in a few seconds. This really makes it easy to check if a file you downloaded from the internet is safe or unsafe.

IObit Malware Fighter

The IObit Malware Fighter is a small but powerful malware removal tool. This free utility provides realtime protection from the malware. The updates are differential which means you have to download a small size file each time you update the malware definitions. This is much better and faster than other anti-malware software like Malwarebyte’s Anti-Malware and SUPER Antispyware both of which download the full malware database file each time a definition update is performed. IObit Malware Fighter can work together with your currently installed anti-virus software for providing comprehensive security.

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